Hillary Clinton: Late Night Talk Show Grim Reaper

Hillary Clinton is not popular. And Jimmy Kimmel found out that Hillary Clinton may be the late night talk show grim reaper.

Why is Clinton the late night talk show grim reaper? Because people don’t like her or care about her, and the ratings prove it.

The Washington Examiner reported the appearance by presidential nominee Hillary “Rotten” Clinton on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on ABC got cataclysmically poor ratings.

Yet we are told that Clinton is popular? If she were popular, then like Donald Trump, her ratings might have actually boosted Kimmel’s ratings. They didn’t.

The Hill reported,

“In comparison, NBC’s ‘Late Night’ with Seth Meyers tied it in the ratings, despite starting an hour later…Monday’s “Late Night” guests were Henry Winkler of ‘Happy Days’ fame and actress Grace Gummer.”

Put another way, relic Fonzie who’s now hocking “old people products,” and an obscure actress beat Hillary Clinton, the Left’s choice to be leader of the free world. However, the news gets even worse for Kimmel, as The Hill continued.

“Kimmel’s 0.4 rating with Clinton lost to a Nick At Nite rerun of ‘Friends’ — a program that went off the air more than a decade ago — and ‘Teen Mom Season 6’ on MTV,” The Hill reported.

And they say Tim Kaine is boring! Hillary Clinton makes Tim Kaine look like Slash from Guns n’ Roses!

What does all this mean? It means what I’ve been saying for some time. The only people who care about Hillary Clinton are the people who have bought her.


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