Hillary Clinton Sick: Get That Woman a Kaine

Is Hillary Clinton sick? Aside from the normal disease of Liberalism, Hillary Clinton appears to have other major health issues.

Karl Rove alluded to it a while back, after Grandma Clinton took that tumble and hit her head. The bump was more than superficial, and certainly begs the question, “Is Hillary Clinton sick?”

Democrats have tried to hide it, but it’s catching up. Consider that 74-year old Bernie Sanders looks more vibrant than Hillary Clinton, and you start to understand.

Hillary Clinton is 68 in dog years, ergo about 400 years old. She’s not a Spring chicken, but more like a Fall foul. When you have spent your adult life at cocktail parties and being driven around by limos, that doesn’t leave much time for yoga. Oh, and then there is that pesky “Bill”, who definitely kept Hillary hopping. We know Bill took quite a few years off Hill’s life, with all his bimbo eruptions.

It was only a matter of time before that hit to the head for Hillary began to show itself, publicly.

In a recent photo, Hillary Clinton is being helped up the stairs. Really? I can hardly wait for Trump to discuss Hillary Clinton’s energy.

“She can’t be president…she has no stamina. She’s low energy.”

That’s how Trump got rid of quite a few Republican candidates. It won’t be any different for Hillary. She is low energy. Add to that complete incompetence, no ideas, and being more crooked than Bill pecker, and you get the worst possible candidate for the Democrats.

In other photos, there is a black man who looks like Secret Service. He appears to carry a medical “pen” that some say is for Hillary Clinton’s seizures.

Admittedly, when I first saw one of her seizures, I thought it was a joke, perhaps even video manipulation. However, as I watched it again, it was clear that Hillary Clinton had a Tourettes-like seizure, as they say, caught on camera.

It’s not like we didn’t have SIGNS!

The old hag thought she was DEAD BROKE when she had 2 multi-million dollar HOMES, and both she and Bill had multi-million dollar book deals in the works.

Grandma Clinton forgot to answer the 3A phone call to BENGHAZI! Apparently Hillary slept right through that alarm.

Next, Grandma Clinton forgot where she hid the server. And who hides a server in a bathroom closet? In the attic, perhaps. A cloak room, maybe? But in a bathroom closet!?

According to her own testimony, Clinton doesn’t know how to operate TWO emails.

There is plenty of more evidence, so the Left will no longer be able keep a cap on the eruption that is about to occur.

They say Hillary’s seizures are induced by stress. Some claim this is why Clinton hasn’t done any press conferences in over 200 days. The stress might cause her to flip out on camera.

The Clinton machine says that Trump is unstable, but it looks more like Hillary Clinton is the unstable one. That’s how it works with the Left. They tell you who they are, when they accuse you.

If stress induces Hillary Clinton’s fits, then she’s going to be fit to be tied. Trump will stress you out! Just ask the Republicans.

Hillary needs a “Kaine”!

VP running mate Tim Kaine  was asked by Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow what it feels like to be a nominee for Vice President recently.

According to Politico, Kaine responded

“It feels like I got kidnapped,” Kaine answered.

How’s that for a ringing endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Kaine answered like somebody had put a gun to his head to accept the VP slot?

Kaine unwittingly revealed the dirty underbelly of working with the Clintons. Try to imagine the level of damage control that’s happening inside that campaign, and Kaine is supposed to be Clinton’s attack dog.

He will hang around, because he likely knows the anvil will fall on crooked Hillary Clinton’s head. Oops…another bump.


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