Hillary Clinton the Tax Cheat

Meet Hillary Clinton the tax cheat.

Her taxes were released to be a “trump card” against Donald Trump. In fact, her taxes reveal one clear thing: Hillary Clinton is a tax cheat.

Like her crooked foundation, Hillary uses the tax system to game the American public. And like her crooked foundation, Clinton tries to appear altruistic in her tax filings.

As reported in The Atlantic:

The returns reveal where the Clintons’ money came from last year, most of which Hillary Clinton spent on the trail after kicking off her campaign in April 2015. The Democratic nominee made roughly $3 million off her books—the latest of which is 2014’s Hard Choices—and more than $1.4 million in speaking fees. Her husband made money in a similar fashion: about $29,000 from his books, about $5.25 million from speaking engagements, and more than $1.5 million in consulting fees. Together, the Clintons donated a little over $1 million to charity, the bulk of which went to their family’s Clinton Foundation. Her running mate, Tim Kaine, and his wife, Anne Holton, reported over $300,000 in income.

The Clinton’s begin their cheating with the donation to their own charity. James Carville argued recently in protect of the Clinton Extortion Foundation, “The Clinton’s haven’t taken a nickel from their charity.”

See, that’s how wealthy Liberals play the game. The charity becomes their lives. They hide behind the so-called good the charity does, as they milk the charity.

The bulk of the Clinton’s income is from bad (for the publisher) book deals, and lucrative speaking deals. Without their foundation and running game in high government offices, the house of cards collapses.

Take away their charitable racket, and the Clintons have to live off  about $500,000 (one speech) per year. Bill makes $240,000 in pension, and Hillary formerly brought home about $200K.

Bring on the money printing machine, and the Clinton bank.

So the Clintons get $500,000 from multiple organizations, say 20, for…speeches! Seriously, think of the funniest best speech you’ve ever heard and ask yourself if the speaker was worth $500,000. We are not talking the Rolling Stones selling out a stadium. MLK, Jr filled the National Lawn and didn’t make a dime.

Anyway, 20 speeches and the Clintons “earn” $10 million. They then donate $1 million to their extortion company they call a charity to look “charitable,” and pay taxes on $9 million, banking at least $6 million. Nice job for people who actually earned less than $500,000 on their own.

But there’s more. The Clintons fly all over the world on “foundation business.” They stay in the best hotels or estates, get chauffeured around like royalty, eat the finest foods, wear the finest clothes. All because they want to HELP THE POOR!

Apparently in order to help the poor, you don’t really need to live like them. Then again, Hillary Clinton did redefine “dead broke.”

Mother Teresa, Ghandi, and about any other ethical human being recognizes the corruption here.

As the Capital Research Center reported:

Bill Clinton delivered 215 paid speeches across the world while his wife served as Secretary of State, earning $48 million for the foundation and other Clinton family interests. For each of these speeches, he received an “ethical waiver” from the State Department, whether the speech was in the United States or overseas, or sponsored by a U.S. or foreign corporation.

The department run by his wife did not find a single instance where an international speech and consulting work was a conflict—not even one—according to the government watchdog group Judicial Watch, which obtained this information through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit seeking ethics reviews and related documents.

As Hillary was in charge of running America’s foreign policy, Bill was giving high-dollar speeches in China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Central America, Turkey, Thailand, Taiwan, India, and the Cayman Islands, according to Judicial Watch. Certainly some of these should have raised eyebrows by reviewers at the State Department, considering tenuous U.S. relations with Russia and China.

For the Clintons, speeches were income, a way of life. Speeches were a cover for the duplicitous nature of the foundation. Don’t expect the IRS to look too closely into this. As far as that criminal organization is concerned, the Clintons are squeaky clean.



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