Hillary Clinton Wears Adult Diapers

The rumors are true, and that is Hillary Clinton has serious medical conditions. The Left has tried to keep the tempest in the teapot, but the secret is out. Now we learn through WikiLeaks that Hillary Clinton wears adult diapers.

That’s right, adult diapers. She wears these, because she has the drips for whatever reason. Like an old worn out prostitute, Hillary Clinton can’t control her bladder.

As End the Fed reports:

“Durable Adult Diapers” These bizarre search words seem to indicate that something is not right with Hillary Clinton. WIKILEAKS’ hackers managed to hack themselves into Hillary’s private browser on one of her on-trail laptops. And if that is in turn true, Clinton’s presidential fitness will come under extreme scrutiny. She’s absolutely finished. The presidential race is nearing its crescendo.

This afternoon, WIKILEAKS, the truth-seeking renegade web-organisation that leak private and classified information onto their website, published an astonishing find that will no doubt “soil” the public’s’ opinion of Hillary Clinton. Does Hillary have trouble holding it in? Sure, we might all be curious about the fact that some adults wear diapers for various reasons and do a Google search on it just to take a gander, but the fact that Clinton includes the adjective “durable” in her search seems to suggest that she’s actually shopping around for adult diapers.

They extracted the search history for the past two months and released them in a data-dump on their website. Here is the most disturbing search that was extracted. If this is indeed the case, which it might very well be, then Hillary is probably suffering from serious medical conditions and possibly even degenerative mental conditions such as dementia.

I can imagine the “optics,” when the lamestream press must report this revelation to “gen pop?” Their heir-apparent to Baby Black Jesus needs DEPENDS!

I’m sure the late night comedians will say as they did with Obama: Hillary’s so cool, there are just no jokes to be written.

As I have written of the Clinton campaign, they awake daily to more triage. The slow drip of a campaign that is doomed. They continue to pound away at Trump, as he holds steady. They change the way the calculate the polls, in hopes of keeping crooked Hillary’s hopes alive.

In short they put in a lot of work for America to find out that Hillary Clinton craps her draws under stress. That doesn’t bode well when negotiating with world leaders.

Putin: What’s that smell?

Clinton: Oh, don’t mind that.

Putin: Did you crap your pants?!

This is going to be a fun ride, watching the Democrats fold with the broken crooked Clinton machine.

Will Hillary Clinton weather shit storm? That DEPENDS!


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