Polls: Hillary Clinton Won’t See the Inside of the Trump White House

If you’ve learned anything about the lamestream media, you should know by now that the lie is what they want the truth to be. The truth is Hillary Clinton won’t see the inside of the Trump White House.

She and Trump may have been business acquaintances, when Clinton was a junior Senator from New York. But those days are over. The Trump White House has no need for Clinton.

That’s not what the media tells us however. As the Washington Post reports, Hillary Clinton is all but measuring the White House for drapes:

Hillary Clinton’s increasingly confident campaign has begun crafting a detailed agenda for her possible presidency, with plans to focus on measures aimed at creating jobs, boosting infrastructure spending and enacting immigration reform if current polling holds and she is easily elected to the White House in November.

In recent weeks, as her leads over GOP nominee Donald Trump have expanded, Clinton has started ramping up for a presidency defined by marquee legislation she has promised to seek immediately. The pace and scale of the planning reflect growing expectations among Democrats that she will win and take office in January alongside a new Democratic majority in the Senate.

What expanding of the polls?

The fact is the polls are collapsing on Hillary Clinton. If pollsters were truthful, they would have Trump ahead by at least 5 points, and the Left knows this.

Only a couple of weeks ago, the Left were eulogizing Trump, as Clinton supposedly had double-digit leads. See the numbers for yourself.

As of August 18, Clinton in the best poll is up by 5 percent, at best. The average is 4 percent, and that’s after “cooking the books,” as Democrat Pollster Pat Caddell opined about the recent polling calculations.

Poll 1

As of August 9, Clinton was up as much as 10 and no lower than 6 percent in the worst of the RealClearPolitics polls.

Poll 2

Only 5 days prior, Clinton was up by as much as 15 percent, though one poll had her with a 4 percent lead.

Poll 3

Less than a week ago, Obama and Hillary Clinton’s VP pick Kaine warned that they can’t take winning for granted. That’s as close an admission they are losing as you will get.

Try to imagine you’re the Clinton campaign, and you are dealing with emails on top of emails. They act as if the #BernieOrBust is behind them, and they ignore the polls that have Hillary Clinton’s likeability equivalent to Hitler’s.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign has pivoted to wooing blacks. And the strategy is working.

In only a week, polls show that over 14 percent of blacks say they will vote for Trump. Trust me, he won’t need that many.

Trump will soon have bragging rights back on polls, and that will signal the end of Clinton. Consider that Hillary Clinton has spent almost $50 million in battleground states alone, to Trump’s less than $500 thousand, and you begin to see the picture.

Trump can stay tight with Clinton without spending any serious money. When the next anvil drops on the Clinton campaign, Trump will unleash the kraken.


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