Hillary Clinton’s ‘Higher Standards’

Hillary Clinton thinks she’s held to higher standards than the regular American peons.

Given that NO American would have dare put a private server in their bathroom closet away from State Department scrutiny, I guess Hillary Clinton does have higher standards.

I haven’t met anybody who has said if he or she did what Hillary Clinton did, they wouldn’t be in prison. So Hillary’s comment about being held to a higher standard puzzles me.

How is Hillary Clinton’s standard measured?

Hillary’s higher standard of “dead broke” means sending your child to an Ivy League school. That same “dead broke” standard was invoked as the Clintons own two multi-million dollar homes, and Bill Clinton receives a $20,000 per month pension.

As for higher standards, Hillary Clinton bragged that she hasn’t driven herself around for decades.

And now America is blessed with the higher standard of the possibility of Hillary Clinton as president. If the standard to be president is based on Hillary Clinton’s record, then any of us are qualified.

If you present yourself as a  women who blames her husband’s infidelity on the “vast Right-wing conspiracy,” and not his overactive libido, then you can be president.

When the truth comes out, you then become a “stand by your man” woman, all to become a Senator then run for president.

Further, if you can cover up your rapist husband’s shenanigans, then pretend to fight the War on Women, then you can become president.

Next, if you can “invest” $1000 in one of the most volatile stock markets, commodities, and turn it into $100,000 then you should be president.

Then, If you can get 4 people killed, when a simple phone call might have saved all their lives, then you could be president.

If you can  a non-profit “foundation” that has done little to help the poor, you could be president. Moreover, if that same non-profit got you a net worth of over $100,000,000, then you are likely unscrupulous enough to want to be president.

Those are just a few examples of the Hillary Clinton “standard.”



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