Homeland Security Welcomes Terrorists

Who cares that you don’t like terrorists. Homeland Security welcomes terrorists.

FBI Director James Comey informed Americans not long ago that Muslim terror cells exist in ALL 50 states, yes including Alaska and Hawaii. Yet Homeland Security welcomes terrorists.

No surprises here. Recently the Obama administration admitted the goal quantity of Syrian refugees in one fiscal year. One can bet this goal is for more Syrians in coming years, particularly if Hillary Clinton were to become president.

Anyway, in celebration of achieving the goal of bringing more potential terrorists in our midst, the Department of Homeland Security tweeted a message commemorating a milestone.

As with all things Liberal, the refugee crisis was created by the lack of leadership of Obama and his Secretary of Extortion, Hillary Clinton. Their incompetence in recognizing and addressing radical Islam (ok, Islam) has 60 million people in refugee status. The irony remains that refugees are Muslim running from Muslim countries.

In this mass exodus, Muslim terrorists lurk, having accomplished exactly what the Caliphate demands. The world’s Liberals willingly capitulate to the Islamic jihadists whims.

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