James Carville: People Will Die Without The Clinton Foundation

How did the world survive without The Clinton Foundation?! Now that the organization is rightfully under fire, we are told “People will die!”, if it’s shut down.

So says Democrat strategist and Clinton suck-up, James Carville. People will die if the good works of the Clinton Foundation are stopped.

The “good” of the Clinton Foundation far outweighs the bad, or so we are told.

Carville defended the Clinton Foundation by saying,

“The Clintons ‘never took a nickel’ out of the foundation.”

Another Democrat strategist and political pundit Paul Begala said The Clinton Foundation saves millions of people from HIV and malaria by negotiating cheaper drugs costs, then giving the drugs to Africans. Again, the battle cry of the Clintoninstas: People will die!

There are at least three United Nations groups who do exactly what The Clinton Foundation claims it is doing, so why do we need them?

The truth is, we don’t.

The Left knows The Clinton Foundation is an elaborate front for laundering money of the wealthiest people in the world. And the corruption has finally been exposed. Nevertheless, the Clintons won’t end their racket, unless.

Unless Hillary Clinton is elected! That’s the catch. The Clintons are so arrogant, they won’t end their obvious conflict of interest, unless America agrees to their terms: elect Hillary or Haiti and some African countries will FEEL THE WRATH!

The Clinton’s have vowed to stop taking foreign and corporate money, if Hillary Clinton is elected?

Why not stop taking that money now? Because that’s the bulk of the “foundation’s” income. Essentially they would be shutting down their extortion racket, ergo income stream, before knowing if the new and improved version, the presidency takes hold.

What the Clintons are saying is until we know for sure that Hillary will be able to set up the bigger and better extortion racket we will hang on to this one.

If Hillary Clinton is elected, you can bet that as with her “foundation,” people will die!


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