Kevin Jackson Calls Democrat Shill a RACIST on FOX Business

Our fearless leader, Kevin Jackson visited with Charles Payne, who sat in for Neil Cavuto on Fox Business. The subject was are Liberal policies hurting the black community. Kevin shocked the guest, when he called the Democrat shill a racist.

Watch the reaction of the Democrat shill, when he realizes what Kevin just said:

Charles Payne explained the policies that have led to a variety of issues within the black community, then he threw the question to Kevin. Kevin explained that in all these cities, Democrats are in control. Further, in many cases, black Democrats control the mayor’s office, the police departments, the school boards, and so on.

The next guest reinforced the fact that blacks suffer most at the hands of Democrats.

Charles then asked Democrat mouthpiece Joe Lestingi the same question, which he refused to answer. He commented that he wouldn’t dignify the question with an answer. Payne insisted, and the shill acted as if Milwaukee was the hotbed of racial segregation.

Nice try.

After listening for what was long enough, you hear Kevin say, “Typical racist response”.

The guy goes crazy. In fact, he’s incredulous. Did he just get called a racist?! To be on the safe side, Kevin repeated it.


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