Kevin Jackson: Gadsden Flag History

On FOX News, Kevin Jackson explains the Gadsden flag history. The flag is more than just a symbol for the Tea Party.

Further, the Gadsden flag history is definitely in no way racist.

Kevin understands that the recent attack on the Gadsden flag by the Obama administration was symbolic as well.

Obama hates the Tea Party and all that the group represents. The Tea Party is for limited government, something completely antithetical to what Obama wants and currently has. For Obama, government simply cannot be too big.

Only ONE thing will save America, and it’s the people taking control of government. By government, I mean all levels of government must return control to TRUE representatives. This includes all government institutions, including schools.

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Next, the people must control the media, which for now is mainly social media.

Finally, the people must be able to influence pop culture, and not Hollywood.

Join Tea Party Community, the Facebook for Conservatives, and we can make sure that NO government is more powerful than the people.


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