Liberals Have Doomed America

Liberals doomed America, and not because Hillary Clinton could be the next President. No, we’re doomed because she is even a contender in the first place.

Truthfully, Clinton should be in prison. Instead, she’s poised to become America’s leader. Try to imagine the sheer level of corruption that requires at street level. We’re not talking just the political elites. Nor is the corruption just with the media. Millions and millions of ordinary people look at her atrocities and say… meh. Doomed America.

Can Donald Trump or anyone we could possibly want really win in this environment? Can America really win?

Perhaps it’s time for those of us on the right to stop being so naïve about the reality we face today. This isn’t about the next election.

Actually, we find ourselves in the early stages of persecution, legal and morally justified in the eyes of the state and everyone who even considers voting Democrat in this day and age. From my vantage point, 2008 was the last year reasonable ignorance could be claimed. Now there is only complicity.

Hence, the media, Hollywood, and the education industrial complex have turned the United States into Germany circa 1936.

Dysfunctional snowflakes terrified by the bigoted sentiments inherent in pronouns and melanin deficiencies have proven to be the most dangerous people on the planet. This is what happens when a couple generations worth of people try desperately to justify their useless college degrees. Mass delusion and hysteria represent cultish religious fanaticism. Think Jonestown, except everywhere. Genocidal suicide.

Progressive elites control the spigots of outrage and government handouts, and the supply is endless.

Leftism fuels itself by the lack of self-awareness. Leftism cannot survive without ignorance. Ignorance allows Leftist to wrap themselves around the wrongs of the past without realizing they’re the perpetrators of the wrongs; past and future.

Is it even possible to be hypocritical when your standards and morals are made of Legos?

Thus, Liberals rebuild their dogmas as needed to deny their own prejudices and justify their latest witch-hunt. Because of this, we’ve hit a monumental tipping point.

On one end of the spectrum words like “thug” and “man” are offensive and regulated. First Amendment be dead, buried, and damned. On the other end, no depravity is spared for Conservatives.

Depictions of Trump’s murder are celebrated. Unspeakable things could happen to his wife and daughter and the media would do to them what Hillary Clinton did to Bill’s victims. The same media raked Trump over the coals for a dispute with a Muslim gold star father/lawyer. So what the Muslim in question specialized in Muslim immigration in the fraud-ridden EB5 program fact checked Pat Smith.

There are countless examples like this that happen every single day. Any potential red flag with Trump is compared to three blaring klaxons with Clinton. How is this even a contest?

That politicians go to D.C. and succumb to corruption is nothing new. Idealistic newcomers drown in the swamp all the time. But that isn’t the case with Hillary.

Hillary thrives in the swamp because she is a swamp beast. Hillary Clinton isn’t corrupt, she personifies corruption. She isn’t tainted by DC, because she is the taint.

Sadly, teeming legions will vote for her, knowing how corrupt she is.

They really don’t care that her historic, glass ceiling shattering moment is the result of riding her husband’s coattails. They seemingly dismiss the rigged primary where her only real competition was party window-dressing, who wasted his and his supporters’ time.

So, we’ve watched the elites and the media for so long. However, we took our eyes off of our neighbors. Now they’re ginned up for a purge.

Your fellow citizens hate you. Furthermore, they’ll believe anything they’re told to believe about you. Gladly.

As they say to the police: Be safe out there.

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