Melania: Finally A Hot First Lady

I like the idea of a super hot First Lady. It a fundamental truth, Melania is hot, Michelle is not.

The Left loves Europe. Me? Not so much. However, a hot First Lady is a European standard to which I can and plan to adapt.

In fact, I believe presidents should be judged on how well they can do in the First Lady department. If we do measure by some European standards, Obama is again a dismal failure. I hasten to add so did a few Republicans.

Although we live in a time when women are not to be judged, it seems there are those who like to stir up trouble. That would be Liberals.

The New York Post recently published photos of Melania Trump posing nude. The photos were in a now defunct French magazine for me. Just so we are clear, a periodical expose nude pictures of Michelle Obama in a men’s magazine…REPORTED NO ONE EVER!

That’s because Melania is hot, Michelle is not.

The Post’s headline read, “Melania Trump like you’ve never seen her before.

Sure you had, if you subscribed to the French men’s magazine.

By the way, if being nude in a men’s magazine is a disqualifier, then First Lady Kim Kardashian is out of the question, Kanye!

I find it refreshing that Donald Trump and his wife said “F the establishment,” in his run for the presidency. Far too many goody-two-shoes would have run for the hills, if they had what establishment Republicans deem “baggage.” The baggage that people had less than perfect lives, before running for political office.

Not that it matter, but the photos of Melania were taken long before she met Donald Trump. Nevertheless The Post wrote, “Donald Trump thinks his wife will be a model first lady — and here’s the proof,” then promoted the piece on Twitter.

Even the press knows how to market the Trumps. Melania is click bait for sure, and the nuder the better.



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