More Clinton and State Department Shenanigans

The Clintons cannot get a good night’s rest, as more Clinton shenanigans are uncovered.

Whether they are defending their super secret servers or covering up the death of former “friends,” the Clintons are undoubtedly the busiest crooks in America. The Clinton shenanigans currently out there make Obama’s sketchy past look benign in comparison. Talk about a House of Cards.

How do you keep up the facade of being “ordinary” Americans, as you rape and pillage? It certainly takes a network of scoundrels. It’s incredible the Clintons keep so much control over the narratives, when you consider the number of controversies brewing.

In the most recent of the Clinton shenanigans, the State Department officials are attempting to block the release of Bill Clinton’s speaking schedules.

What more intriguing is how they justify their position. Apparently, former president Clinton has been characterized as a “private citizen.”

As a president, you never truly return to being a private citizen. How many private citizens get a pension for life, secret service protection, and the other perks of being a former president? Former presidents are always at the behest of the government, sort of like the CIA.

Nevertheless, according to Politico, Bill Clinton was required to seek approval from the State Department for his speaking engagements abroad while Hillary Clinton, served as secretary of state. This was supposedly done to prevent a conflict of interest. How’d that work out?

I believe this cover story about as much as I believe a javelina would make a good house pet. Bill Clinton spoke so much, the State Department would undoubtedly have created a “rubber stamp” for his approvals. Bill Clinton didn’t seek approval. He informed the State Department of his whereabouts, so they could coordinate with The Clinton Foundation.

And so what Clinton theoretically asked for approval to speak from the State Department his wife ran? Hillary Clinton made the U.S. State Department an adjunct to The Clinton Foundation.

From the emails gathered so far, it’s pretty clear that The Clinton Foundation was given dotted line authority over the U.S. State Department. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that there was a liaison between the two organizations, not that the position was even needed.

The Republican National Committee filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit seeking the release of the records of his engagements. They received 14 heavily redacted pages.

RNC spokesman Raj Shah told the Examiner that the State Department has claimed that the former president is now a private citizen and should not be held to the same disclosure standards as public officials.

“Claiming that he’s a private citizen is laughable in that context,” Shah said, adding that the former president’s schedules “were circulated throughout the State Department” during his wife’s tenure as secretary of state.

Shah also alleged that the State Department is attempting to stall the release of the former president’s speaking schedules until after the election, delaying most of the records from being released until 2018.

There will be many more discoveries about the Clinton shenanigans, as November looms. One can only imagine the level of clean-up work the Clinton operatives have planned.

Let’s put it another way: nobody around the Clintons is safe.

You can expect the trickle of information, the bread crumbs, to lead a path to the Clintons. I’m excited for October, but not for baseball playoffs. This year’s “October surprise” is sure to be the best ever, politically speaking.

There is only one reason the State Department wouldn’t release something as innocuous as Bill Clinton’s speaking schedule: it would connect the dots to the more Clinton shenanigans.


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