Next WikiLeaks Bombshell: Lock Her Up

The last time we had the Democrats on the run was when we found out that Planned Parenthood sells baby parts. Then we got the wikileaks bombshell.

As we all know, nothing came of that revelation. Too bad we don’t have a WikiLeaks bombshell that told us where the parts were sold, or how many Ferraris were purchased. Watching the Leftists that week was amazing, as they spun to control the narrative. It was all about “women’s reproductive rights,” and poof–the story faded into the woodwork.

Because of the WikiLeaks bombshell, Hillary Clinton heard the chants of “lock her up” at last week’s Republican National Convention. Clinton confided the chants made her feel “very sad.” She then tells “60 Minutes” in an interview broadcast last Sunday that she doesn’t know what the GOP convention was about, “other than criticizing me.”

Does Clinton not realize she’s running for president, and that America knows how wicked she and the Democrats are?

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The most divisive group on the planet has nominated the biggest criminal in politics. She accused Republicans of being divisive. This is the woman who has potential cop killer moms speaking at her event. Cops versus black people. And that’s for starters.

If WikiLeaks taught America anything, it is the divisive nature of Democrats. These people had plans to attack Sanders as a Jew. The person in charge of the attack, former DNC chairperson Debbie Wasserman-Schultz…a Jew. How’s that for divisiveness.

Clinton said the GOP speakers painted a negative picture of the country “that I did not recognize. So I was saddened by it.”

I wonder if she’s saddened by the boos at the Democrat’s convention? Crooked Hillary Clinton and team did all they could to keep the boo-birds out, including locking out Sanders delegates. A few slipped by.

Black Lives Matter protested her, even though she gave black mothers of people shot by cops the biggest audience of their lives. How much disdain for blacks can one convention show, as they showcase the mother of a criminal who wanted to kill a cop. Were there no black mothers who raised amazing kids Clinton could have selected and showcased.

The convention pandered. Democrats feasted on identity politics, the only politics they know.

During a recent interview with ITV, Assange said his next release will:

“provide enough evidence” to see Hillary arrested.

Let’s hope this is true. I’d like to see the Democrats try to recover from whatever information that would lock up Hillary Clinton. We all know from the FBI investigation, that’s a tall order. Nevertheless, I still believe in America. I believe Hillary for Prison 2016 is a possibility.


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