Obama Clinton DNC Hug

Barack Obama and crooked Hillary Clinton apparently dispensed with past history, and decided to have a Hug-A-Palooza at the Democrat convention.

People decided to have some photoshop fun, which indeed took a simple (fake) hug, and turned into HugFest, aka Hug-A-Palooza

Hug 2

Here’s a Team Hug-A-Palooza

Hug 3

This one is Burning Man Hug-A-Palooza

Hug 4

This one is Love-A-Palooza? And we know who the Palooza is!

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Hug 5

My favorite!

Hug 6

There is nobody who believes that Obama and Clinton are now friends. Psychopaths don’t have friendships. This is why Obama had practically no family or friends at his inauguration, and thankfully we won’t get to see Hillary Clinton suffer that humiliation.

Nevertheless, it was fun to see people poking fun at the devilish duo.

Hug it out!


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