Obama: Too Stupid To Be Embarrassed for Playing 300 Rounds of Golf

Obama was interviewed by golf analyst David Feherty. For those keeping score, Obama has played 300 rounds of golf.

This story was reported by CNN like Obama is a golf pro, and he experienced his 300th win. Obama should be embarrassed that he’s played 300 rounds of golf.

Asked about the status of his game, and Obama commented to Feherty, I’m an “honest 13” handicap. Not a 13, the typical golf answer. An “honest” 13.

Apparently, Obama has a tendency to lie about his handicap. If not, why put HONEST in front of it? Oh, wait…he is a Democrat.

Look, we aren’t talking UNEMPLOYMENT numbers, we’re talking golf!

It was like Obama told Feherty,

“I will be honest with you, but don’t tell America that after 300 rounds of golf, I still stink at the sport!”

Supposedly Obama was a 17 when he came to office. I believe that, like I believe peeing on plants make them grown. What I’m saying for those not paying attention is I don’t believe Obama was an “honest” 17, when he became president. Let’s see his score cards. And while you’re at it, can we get his college transcripts?

After 300 rounds of golf, Obama should be a SCRATCH golfer. That’s playing golf almost daily for a year! He’s a golfer who let being president get in the way of his handicap, for the most part!

Obama admitted that he doesn’t practice much golf. It’s sort of like his policies, he plays the game to see how well he plays the game. He wings it. He will get better as he plays. I’m sure he doesn’t have a pro, just wings it himself. What could a PRO actually teach him…the smartest man on the PLANET!

Obama further admitted that his sand game is terrible. Talk about a metaphor for his handling of Middle East foreign policy!

Regardless, Liberals will rewrite this story. In it, Obama will have competed on the PGA tour, and won the Fed-Ex cup. He will have broken all records, and Tiger Woods and others will be a distant memory.




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