Peaceful Hood Life and Why People Have Guns

This video shows that peaceful hood life Liberals don’t want to discuss.

When I see videos like this, I’m amazed that black kids make it to adulthood. Just more of that peaceful hood life that has youngsters at war within their own neighborhoods.

Compound this with outside world with the inside worlds they face: single parent homes and lack of jobs and opportunities. This volatile mixture exists all across America, a cocktail that’s exploding in every city.

Kids these days with too much time on their hands and no direction and this is doubly true for black kids.

What could possibly have led to such a massive attack on one teen? We will never know the story. However in the end, shots were fired.

Would you shoot in this circumstance? I would.

Liberals wonder why Americans will never give up their guns. Videos like this are the reason. You never know when you may end up in a circumstance like this.

I remember as a young teen going to the playground just like the one pictured in this video. The community kids got together to play basketball or occasionally football. A fight might break out every now and then, based on some incident. But these fights were between two people.

In this video, there are people trying to do serious bodily harm, and they seem to not really be involved in what may have caused the altercation to being with. Many of these youngsters just have the “mob mentality.” They appear happy to get in their few kicks and punches. One teen tries repeated to stomp the victim.

The solution to this sick behavior is not Liberalism, that’s for sure.



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