Racist CNN: Blacks Are Felons

Racist CNN has struck again.

In what they thought was a Trump hit piece, CNN exposed the racist nature of Liberals, as well as biased media.

I did a screen capture of the CNN story, so they could not change it later.

Racist CNN All Blacks Are Felons

As the title suggest, Trump has done a good thing. He reached out to black voters. It’s the second part of the headline that’s troublesome.

“– then slams voting rights for felons”

Racist CNN implies in Part II that blacks are felons.

Last time I checked, all nationalities are incarcerated. So what exactly is CNN trying to say?

Trump believes (rightly) that elections are rigged (for the Left). As CNN reports, that’s what he mentioned.

Yet on Saturday, Trump — who has publicly raised the specter of a “rigged” election in recent weeks as polls have shown him trailing Clinton — ripped McAuliffe, a longtime Clinton friend and ally, for his decision earlier this year to restore voting rights to thousands of convicted felons.

However, racist CNN goes on to report,

McAuliffe’s order — which he said in May was intended to lift “a policy of disenfranchisement that has been used intentionally to suppress the voices of qualified voters, particularly African-Americans, for more than a century” — was struck down by the state Supreme Court last month. But The Washington Post reported Saturday that he will announce next week the restoration of voting rights to 13,000 felons via executive order, and lay out his plan to ultimately restore the rights of more than 200,000 felons.
In April, shortly after McAuliffe issued his original order, Trump called the move “crooked politics.”
So racist McAuliffe uses felons to build the voter rolls for Democrats, and says it’s to help black felons. Then when Trump calls this crooked politics, suddenly Trump is anti-black?
Trump is 100 percent right. McAuliffe’s decision to allow felons to vote was aimed at increasing Democratic votes in Virginia, a swing state. This was not about the “black” vote, it was about the “felon” vote.
“Hillary Clinton is banking on her friend Terry McAuliffe on getting thousands of violent felons to the voting booths in effort to cancel out the votes of both law enforcement and crime victims…They are letting people vote in your Virginia election that should not be allowed to vote. Sad. So Sad.”
I think many American might agree with Trump that those who have curtailed the civil rights of honest and law-abiding citizens should relinquish their rights. Moreover, these same Americans know racism when they see it; not allowing felons of any color to vote is not racism.
However assuming that allowing felons to vote is a positive step for blacks IS racist.


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