Racist Black Liberals: Just Call Them What They Are

Racist black Liberals is redundant. If someone is black and Liberal, he defines the new most vile racist America has fought so hard against.

Racist black Liberals have held dominion over America for decades, aided by racist, mostly white Democrats who understand how to use racism to their advantage.

The irony is how allowing racism among black Liberals actually hurts blacks and benefits the white elitists who allow it to occur.

More ironic is how white elitists rub their white supremacy in the face of black Liberals, who are too stupid to see it. Take for example, white privilege seminars.

The very idea that white would offer a “white privilege” seminar invokes incredulity. Why not call it, “I’m better than black people, but I will act like I care” seminars!

Liberals of all colors promote their racist narratives, and have for decades. But guess who now gets the blame?

According to Politico, it’s Donald Trump. The author of this article writes:

I’m a black man living in South Carolina who’s voted for plenty of Republicans, including George W. Bush in 2000, Mark Sanford twice for governor, Lindsey Graham for the U.S. Senate, and current Gov. Nikki Haley in the GOP primary. I’ve also defended the party in the past from blanket accusations of racism. But Donald Trump is a different kind of candidate, and this is a different kind of election. Long after it is all over, even if Hillary Clinton wins, the rest of us will still be grappling with the racial demons the Republican candidate summoned up with his campaign.

Romeo, Romeo…let me count the ways Obama and the Left have stoked racial tension!

I’m not bothering to walk anybody through the racist past and present of the Democrats. Those brain-dead morons listen like Helen Keller, so why bother. Instead, I will just give you the answer on how to deal with them.

Call them racists!

No matter what they say to you, simply say, “You’re a RACIST!”

Back to the racist who wrote the article, he goes on:

That’s the tragedy and blessing of Trump’s rise to the top of the Republican Party. He brought into the mainstream the kind of race hatred that had flourished only in the shadows before he came along. But his presence also removed the scales from the eyes of sane Americans who had held onto the belief that the election of our first black president had ushered in a post-racial society.

The election of Obama indeed did NOT usher in a post-racial society. BECAUSE AMERICA WAS ALREADY A POST-RACIAL SOCIETY.

Democrats have established the narrative that Obama’s election was supposed to be some racial turning point. Total nonsense. Obama was the outcome of America distancing itself from the racist past of Democrats. Republicans won.

Democrats know that racism is where the money is. In fact, if ALL of America were suddenly black except ONE white guy, racism would still be alive.

In this case, the one white guy is Donald Trump.

Until Trump declared himself a Republican, he was a pop star, billionaire. However now as he sits on the precipice of the most important job in the world, the Left cries racism.

Politico continues,

Trump’s most enduring legacy, and it is an oddly beneficent one, is that he taught America how bigoted it still is, and that many among us who are not intentionally bigoted are willing to tolerate racism anyway, given the right circumstances and stakes. No matter the final tally, nor the recent poll data showing that Trump is beginning to lose college-educated whites, it is very likely that a majority of white voters in November will still pull the lever for Trump, despite a clear bigotry running through much of what he’s said, done and proposed.

Note the “poke”: “…beginning to lose college-educated whites.” The writer implies that the educated whites won’t vote for Trump, and of course by education he means “college.” Further, if you “pull the lever for Trump, despite clear bigotry,” then what does that make you?

Well you would NOT be racist or a tool of the media, nor would you be a dumbshit Liberal. Pulling the lever for Trump would make you sane, and a person willing to help make America great again.

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