Radical Black Activist Quanell X Endorsed Trump

Quanell X represents ethno-centric blacks in the Houston TX area. Think of him as the Al Sharpton of Houston. This radical black activist Quanell X endorsed Trump.

Quanell X didn’t come out and say “Vote for Trump”, but he certainly sent a shot over the Democrat bow. For all intents and purposes, Quanell X endorsed Trump

This is much larger than people might think. Quanell X may not be known to you, but he’s known to many blacks in Texas. At one point Quanell X was associated with both the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party.

I debated him about three years ago. Though where we differ, we differ radically, there are many areas where we agreed. Our agreement proved to be a shock to the mostly Tea Party audience who attended the debate.

So the word is spreading. Trump deserves a shot. Apparently the “racist” angle isn’t working.

Like the recent endorsement of Trump by the black church in North Carolina. Let’s just say there are two buzzards circling around the Clinton carcass.

Imagine if black people decide to raise holy hell if Trump loses? How would the Democrats steal the election then? Though not directly, Quanell X endorsed Trump. By not slamming him, black people in Houston will at least give the man a shot.

For those still worried, the outreach to blacks has only begun.


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