Republicans Growing Democrats Shrinking

Poll after poll shows that despite the rigging, Trump continues to close the gap on crooked Hillary Clinton. Republicans growing, as Democrats shrink.

Only a week or two ago, the Left had Trump dead and buried. Poll after poll showed Trump behind by double-digits. Today, the best polls have Clinton ahead by 4, and a couple have Trump actually leading. Given the media onslaught on Trump (and Conservatism), Republicans growing is amazing.

The media continues to report this as “no news,” some even implying that Clinton is doing so well, she’s building her transition team.

Here’s one article from Politico that’s so full of contradictions, it’s laughable.

For weeks, Donald Trump has watched his poll standing in battleground states plummet, from Pennsylvania, where his strength among Rust Belt families was supposed to turn a blue state competitive, to North Carolina, where Democrats had been making inroads in recent elections, to the ultimate battleground of them all: Florida.

According to the Left, the world has gone crazy. They don’t believe any of the Hillary Clinton scandals, and Trump has no serious voters. In fact, Trump only attracts racists, right?

They article continues,

Trump’s poll numbers remain dire, but he can point to at least one ray of hope for a turnaround: Republicans have continued gaining ground in recent months in voter registration in Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Iowa, while the late surge in Democratic registrations relative to Republican registrations that occurred in battleground states the final months of the 2012 election had not materialized in numbers released in early August.

So why the turnaround? It certainly can’t be Trump?

“The atmospherics of voter registration trends in those states do not point to a strong Democratic year, so that’s one negative the Trump campaign does not have to deal with at this point,” said Louisiana pollster John Couvillon, who added that spikes in registration can add a point or two to a candidate’s vote share in a close race. “The voter registration data I’m seeing does not support the idea of a surge in Democratic voter enthusiasm.”

The atmospherics? How about we deal less with the “atmospherics” and more with the reality that (1) Hillary Clinton is the most flawed Democrat ever to run for president, and that’s on the heals of the second worst, and (2) Hillary Clinton has nowhere near the enthusiasm of her base than even a damaged Obama has.

I put NO faith in polls, given what I know about media now. But I do know trends. Here are a few that can’t be ignored.

  • The Republicans brought out 60 percent more voters than in previous primaries. The Democrats got 20 percent less.
  • Donald Trump got more votes than any presidential candidate ever.

If you want to believe that Hillary Clinton leads in the polls, do so. But what I know is that these number can and will change, and they are as good as they will ever get for Clinton. The rest of the journey is steeply uphill for her campaign.

Check out this datapoint:

In Pennsylvania — where Democrats’ registration advantage has fallen by a fifth since the 2012 election to 915,000 voters — more than 85,000 former Democrats have become Republicans this year, almost three times the number of voters who made the opposite switch.

Polls may favor Clinton, but trends certainly don’t. Republicans growing is not a good trend.



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