Robbers Locked Inside Cellphone Store

Two of America’s finest thugs decide to rob a cellphone store.

Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, right? Well it is, as the owner of the cellphone store plays a joke on the two unsuspecting thugs (video).

As the two geniuses try to “MacGiver” their way out of the store, a crowd forms outside to witness their play.

I often describe Liberals as zoo animals, so think of the crowd as zoo patrons watching the animals at play. You can see these two animals romping around the store, as they realize they have been locked in by the owner. I’m sure the owner has a “safe room” or an exit strategy, given the quickness in which he exited stage right.

One can only guess that this was not his first rodeo, as he is not seen again in the footage. I can only hope he was somewhere having a good laugh with friends, as he watched these two baboons panic.

The crowd continues to grow, as the thugs get more frantic. However, as with all zoos, there should be no interacting with the animals. Thus the animals’ pleas for freedom are ignored, and instead the crowd laughs at the frustration of the bandits.

Eventually the criminal masterminds find a toolbox, and managed to unbolt the bars on a back window, where they found their freedom.

All in a day’s work, I suspect.

This video showcases the Obama Society, where the underground or Black Market thrives. Liberalism brought us Obama, a “leader” who condones this behavior. Liberals have birthed people with no respect for law and order. Moreover, these people lack the morals and ethics of a civilized society.

But Liberals don’t want civility. In fact, they thrive on chaos.


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