Significance of Bill Clinton’s Blue Balloon

The Clintons want it all! And that includes Bill Clinton’s blue balloon.

Watch Bill Clinton protect his blue balloon in this video. The former Democrat president no longer has to disguise his disdain for those who can’t give him money.

After finishing taking a photo with Hillary at the DNC celebration, a little girl looks to celebrate. Notice how former president Bill Clinton walks by holding a blue balloon. Once out of frame, it appears he turns to face the little girl, who reaches for the balloon.

You see the balloon being pulled back quickly, as apparently the little girl’s parents hadn’t donated enough money to hear the Clintons speak. Or their check to The Clinton Foundation bounced.

Most people believe that balloons are cheap. However, for the Clintons, nothing is cheap. These blue balloons cost about $500,000 each. That balloon was a signal for people who want to be part of the Clinton’s corrupt enterprise. But how was that little girl to know.


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