They Need Their Weave in Milwaukee

The sister of Sylville Smith, Sherelle spoke out in Milwaukee in the wake of the riots. What began as a heartfelt message, became about the weave.

As we learned from the sister of Sylville Smith, the weave is important.

She was upset that black people were rioting in the neighborhood over the death of her brother. One might have believed at first that she was the voice of reason, as she admonished blacks for burning their own neighborhood businesses. Then however, she continued.

“Take that sh*t to the suburbs.”

In other words, go burn the mostly non-black suburbs over the death of her thug brother.

Apparently white people in the suburbs had something to do with her brother being killed?

Most people would find this a racist statement. Don’t burn “our” neighborhoods, go burn “theirs”, as in burn WHITE neighborhoods.

Imagine if somebody white were saying this? How would the media handle it?

When black people are blatantly and openly racist, there is hardly a chirp from the Left.

It was the woman’s final comment that is most perplexing, as she declared, “They need they weave.” This appears to be a plea to not burn down or loot the beauty shops, as black women need their weaves.

I can only imagine how most of “white” America heard this.

White woman: They need their what?

Husband: I think she said ‘weed,’ Hun?

White woman: Well, it might as well be legal, since it seems like they all smokin’ it anyway.

WEAVE, white woman, WEAVE!

A statement that began with some semblance of sanity, ends up being about preserving hair?

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