Thug Gets Justice: Judge Fights Back

“Judge fights back!” should be the name of this video.

I’m not sure what this guy was reading, but this judge had had enough. Thus began the latest episode of “Judge fights back!”

With two simple words, “Do it!” from Judge Robert Nalley of La Plata, MD, a bad day began for the defendant.

Under direction from the judge, the bailiff pushed shut-off valve on Saamir Jhaled Khaleel Kingali. The courtroom deputy activated the shock-cuff which had the defendant crying like a baby.

Kingali, 27, was in court for illegal possession of a firearm, and chose to defend himself; you know, a fool as his attorney.

As for the defendant’s behavior, this is the society we now live in. Criminals believe they are entitled to special treatment. What happened to respecting the law?

You know there are Liberals who will see this and say that he was abused in some way. Further, they will make Kingali the victim. He is no victim.

Kingali forced the judge to be more than a judge. In fact, the judge was forced to play “daddy” to a miscreant. I loved seeing “tough love” delivered by way of electric shock. That’s what happens when a judge fights back.


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