Truth About the Lochte Lie

Here’s the truth about the Lochte lie.

As we all know, the Lochte lie is a bigger deal than any of Hillary Clinton’s lies. So thankfully the media is all over it.

Further, as we have learned through FBI investigation of this heinous national security incident, Lochte knew his information was on the server he had hidden in his bathroom. evidence.

The server was indeed hacked by the Brazilian secret police (with the help of the Russians), where we discovered the gas station video made by that dude in California.

Next, video guy uncovered the conspiracy against Michael Phelps, and voila: we are where we are.

I don’t blame Lochte for lying. After all HILLARY CLINTON DID IT and got away with it. Liberals lie all the time, and get away with it.

“If you like your plan, you can keep your plan…PERIOD!”

As we have learned from the moral relativism of Liberalism, it’s INTENT that matters. We all know that Lochte didn’t intend anything bad, when he lied about being robbed in order to cover up his crazy Millennials night of rabble-rousing.

Not to go all “racial” up in here, but who are we supposed to believe? Brazilians over Olympic medalist white Liberal Millennials?! Spoiled rich kids with pools the size of Somalia in their back yards always trump brown people! {pardon the pun, Build a Fence Donald}

So what Lochte had the media and the medals from the Olympics? Why not take a little bit more from that brown nation, right!

Lochte had political correctness on HIS side. After all, racist cops exist all over the world. In brown countries, the white man could be SHOT!

Then came that sorry JUDGE! If it weren’t for him Scooby Doo, Lochte would have gotten away with it.

The Outcome:

I think the judge should be removed, and the non-existent gun-wielding cops SHOT!

So what they have video offering a different narrative. The video could have been tampered with.

Moreover, who’s to believe Fernando Veloso, Rio’s Chief of Police said the four swimmers stopped at a gas station and one of them broke down the bathroom door. His evidence? A damaged door, as well as a broken soap dispenser and a mirror. Yeah right? Like that doesn’t happen in public restrooms.

Veloso reported that athletes were confronted by security officers, and they offered the gas station employees $20 and 100 Brazilian reais (about $33 U.S.).

Hmph. White elitist Millennials think they can buy their way out of anything. And $33!

Veloso continued, saying the swimmers continued being belligerent, prompting a security officer to show his gun, and he hastened to add there was no way the swimmers could have interpreted the situation as a robbery.

Unfortunately, the truth about the Lochte lie is we now live in a society where Liberals make up their realities. Make no mistake about it, Lochte and his teammates are Liberals. This situation proves it.

FEATURED IMAGE ON ARTICLE BY Chan-Fan under Wiki Commons Fair Use Media

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