University Hires an Al Qaeda Terrorist as National Security Expert

Leave it to Wackademia to test our sensibilities. George Washington University hires an Al Qaeda terrorist as a national security expert.

If you want to discuss terrorism, why not go to the source. So in typical twisted Liberal logic, George Washington University hires an Al Qaeda terrorist.

Jesse MortonAs Front Page reports,

I don’t see the problem. He’s clearly an expert in the field. Granted he’s an expert in carrying out terrorism rather than preventing it, but that’s true across all levels of government under Obama. We have a DOJ that specializes in protecting criminals. Why not just bring terrorists in to help with national security?

George Washington University has hired a former Islamic extremist to work at its center on homeland security — a man who once denounced the United States and made threats against the creators of the TV series “South Park” for depicting the Prophet Muhammad in a bear suit.

While reformed extremists have worked at universities in Europe to help fight terrorism, this is believed to be a first in the United States.Jesse Morton, who was known as Younus Abdullah Muhammad when he was a recruiter for the al-Qaeda, brings a “unique perspective” to counter-terrorism work, said Seamus Hughes, deputy director of the Program on Extremism at George Washington University’s Center for Cyber & Homeland Security.

Unique certainly.

I imagine a pedophile would also bring a unique perspective to babysitting or a bank robber to guarding banks. But this is the mad logic of CVE in which you’re constantly trying to reform Muslims. And that trumps all else.

Perhaps they consider Muhammad a “reformed” terrorist?

It’s funny how the Left don’t seem to care about reformed people, unless you’re David Duke and you announce your support for Donald Trump. You can bet that if Donald Trump had hired Muhammad as his “Middle East adviser,” we’d be hearing a very different description of the man.

H/T Front Page Magazine

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