Why Trump Won’t Surrender

Is Trump gone yet? Lord knows the Left has thrown things at him that no politician would have withstood, but Trump won’t surrender.

Trump was never to have existed. Hillary Clinton would just be too formidable, we were told. Crooked Hillary Clinton had been vetted, and as her campaign suggested: it’s HER turn.

Bernie caused some problems, but eventually jumped off the track and let crooked Hillary Clinton finish the race. Payoff complete, Sanders bowed out. As for Trump, the cancer he represents for Clinton metastasized.

Just recently the media floated the idea that Trump considered dropping out. Sure, because all self-made billionaires drop out of things. They rarely finish anything they start, like big buildings and golf courses.

The Left is perplexed at how Trump hasn’t surrendered. They went DefCon1 on Trump, as he was called sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic.

Moreover, he been accused of guilt by association with Nazis and even the dreaded David Duke.

As Caesar said in Gladiator, “Why won’t you just die!”

After the name-calling the Left’s next tactic was to imply that Trump was imploding. Things were so bad, everybody wanted him gone. Here’s the list.

  • The Republicans!
  • Ex-CIA agents!
  • His KIDS!

It’s no secret the Republicans didn’t want him. If they couldn’t get rid of him, they certainly can’t rely on the #NeverTrump ex-CIA guy. Where did Romney and Bill Kristol dig this guy up?

Hillary Clinton said world leaders don’t want Trump, but that practically became a campaign commercial for him. World leaders need not like Trump, they need to respect him. They certainly wouldn’t respect crooked Hillary. As we have all discovered, Hillary Clinton is a political call girl.

Finally, we were told that Trump’s KIDS wanted out. This revelation should have told you the level of desperation the Left had. Trump’s kids know better than to doubt their father.

All of this was an attempt to get America’s minds off Hillary Clinton’s troubles. The fact is Hillary Clinton’s campaign is the one scrambling. They know more emails are coming. They know Hillary Clinton has serious health issues. Her vulnerabilities are too numerous to mention.

I’d love to see the communications right now at the DNC. They so wish that Biden or even Sanders were around. After all the conniving to keep these two morons out, the Democrats have ended up with the most broken moron they could find.

Know that we will soon see who is really being pressured to quit. One thing is for certain: Trump won’t surrender.

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