Woman Loses it on Plane over Plastic Cups

A black woman on a plane decided to act completely ignorant over two plastic cups.

That’s right, two plastic cups. Because that’s all it takes to set off people who now feel entitled to everything. She wanted her cups, and she wanted them now.

Another passenger shot video of this woman who refuses to sit because she hadn’t received two plastic cups she requested during the flight.

The pilot needed to land the plane, so everyone needed to be in their seats, per FAA regulations. However, the woman wanted her cups, so landing the plane BE DAMNED.

Apparently the woman felt like not getting her cups was cause for “no justice, no peace.”

Some of the other passengers become understandably frustrated with this woman, with one man yelling for the woman to, “Sit the f*ck down!” Other passengers shared his view, and made it known.

The woman remains defiant, actually challenging somebody to make her sit down.

This incident showcases the lack of decorum by far too many people in America. The entitlement mentality. Furthermore, the “screw everybody else” attitude this woman showcases is exactly why society is in the condition it is today. For this idiot woman, it was all about her.

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