RAW Video of Hillary Clinton Fainting

See Hillary Clinton fainting for yourself.

Tell me this is “allergies!”

Why this isn’t ALL OVER THE MEDIA should tell you all you need to know.

Notice how Clinton starts to wobble while standing there? The Secret Service stood at the ready.

Finally, Clinton buckles. Clinton cursed the Secret Service in the past. But lucky for her, the Secret Service kept her from falling flat on her face.

Clinton is whisked off, supposedly to the hospital.

Now the spin begins. Did Clinton go to the hospital or to see her ailing cat?

For the record, I now the reason there was a media blackout of this, for the most part.

The reason the media haven’t responded is they are waiting on their talking points from the campaign. Know that they want to scoop this. Fox has already reported on it. One of my friends from Israel told me that within minutes, this news was worldwide. Yet, very little stateside.

Until the Left has come up with a good cover story, we won’t hear much on CNN, MSNBC, or elsewhere.

As you can imagine, a situation like this has the Clinton campaign in triage. They are looking at all angles of this. Here is a short list of potential stories:

  • She slipped
  • She’s gotten bad news; her cat died or something sillier
  • Tired
  • Hungry
  • She spotted Trump

Once the campaign and Leftist power-brokers have decided on spin, you will see media outlets rushing to put out the new narrative. This fake narrative will be offered to counter the truth.

We find ourselves in a unique position as Conservatives. We can set the narrative. Hillary Clinton is sick. This “conspiracy” has now been validated.

I know the Left want us to believe that 68-year old women with Hillary Clinton’s fitness level could not possibly be sick. Hillary has lived a stress-free live with Bill, so why would she have brain-damage?

We can now set the narrative. The narrative of TRUTH! Clinton is unfit to be president in ANY way.

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