Anemic Crowd Awaits Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is so popular nobody wants to see her. Title this one: Hillary Clinton’s anemic crowd.

I’m sure it’s like the famous Yogi Berra quote, “Nobody goes there, it’s too crowded.”

If they expected overflow at the Baptist National Convention due to Hillary Clinton’s presence, they were sadly mistaken.

The American Mirror reported:


hillary-clintons-anemic-crowd-2 hillary-clintons-anemic-crowd-1

In the second photo you can see how the convention center actually added partitions, so the anemic crowd appears larger.

Imagine how many people would have come to see Michelle Obama, and you get an idea of how “important” Hillary Clinton is.

The other interesting factoid is there are many blacks who are part of this convention. They couldn’t be bothered.

The optics of this doesn’t bode well for Clinton. This is what she can expect at the polling booth as well.


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