AP Buckled Under Pressure from Clintons

In an effort to avoid the fate of over 50 people who crossed the Clintons, the AP buckled.

Recently AP tweeted that while Secretary of State, an overwhelming number of meetings she held were with Clinton Foundation donors. Then AP backtracked. AP buckled.

As reported in Breitbart:

Mere hours after the AP posted the original tweet, linking to its report, the Clinton Campaign ripped into the news outlet.

A POLITICO headline put the backlash thusly, “Clinton Camp Rages Against AP Report.”

The US News noted, “Campaign manager Robby Mook says Associated Press cherry-picked meetings to suggest foundation donors gained privileged access to the former secretary of state.”

Defending her news organization’s report, executive editor Kathleen Carroll told CNN last month that the tweet was “sloppy” and that the AP had plans to delete it.

AP’s vice president Daniszewski further clarified the sudden change: “Prior to this guideline change, whether to delete or update tweets had been left to AP news managers to decide on a case-by-case basis. The new guidance is mandatory, subjecting tweets to the same internal review and response process as other AP content.”

 Daniszewski wrote:

In the earlier days of Twitter, there had been a belief that removing tweets was akin to retroactively editing a conversation; it wasn’t transparent. Additionally, tweets were seen more as providing paths to in-depth content and less as content in themselves that would remain in the public discussion for an extended period. ndustry thinking on this topic has been changing. And the controversy over the AP tweet has led us to an extensive reflection on this evolution.

What we have is yet another narrative the Clintons wants squashed. Just like “Hillary Clinton is healthy…watch her open a pickle jar!,”

Americans are supposed to believe that Clinton’s many meetings with Clinton Foundation donors was just “business as usual” in the State Department.

We are way past time for the Clintons to exit politics. They represent all that is dirty about politics. To allow them to ascend to the top would truly insult our forefathers. The Founding Fathers fought against everything the Clintons represent, and American now see it.

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