Bill Clinton Should Face FBI and Grand Jury

Our focus has been on Hillary Clinton in the email scandal, and rightfully so. However, there is another scoundrel in the pay for play scandal: Bill Clinton.

The Clintons planned their deception years ago. When Bill Clinton left office, the Clintons were used to the good life. Hillary Clinton bragged that she hadn’t driven herself in years. Despite a $250,000 salary for Bill Clinton, and Hillary’s senate salary of roughly $200,000 annually, you can’t keep your buns in the back seat of a limo for long at that rate.

So the Clinton concocted a plan. They do what all wealthy Liberals do. Form a non-profit, and make out like bandits.

Think of a non-profit in the hands of famous Liberals as a printing press for currency. Liberals believe their “presence” is charity. The fact that they can get other people’s attention (and money) means they deserve big pay. This is why they pay themselves huge salaries from their charities. They use the charities for perks and as tax shelters. They use the charities to provide cover for friends and family. Charity allows them to curry favor with people who write off their donations to each others’ charities.

That’s what Bill Clinton did. As Townhall reports,

This, via the New York Times, is just another small tableau emerging from the Clintons’ lucrative web of big money, privilege, influence and power. A major Clinton Foundation donor and CEO wanted a private meeting with Hillary, which was dutifully arranged by Huma Abedin — a woman whose unusual role occupied a blurry gray area somewhere in between public employee and private operative. And then Bill Clinton was given access to that donor’s private jet. A very cozy, mutually beneficial transaction:

The emails released by Judicial Watch also include discussions about meetings between Mrs. Clinton and a number of people involved in major donations to the Clinton Foundation. In one exchange in July 2009, Ms. Abedin told Mrs. Clinton’s scheduler that Mr. Clinton “wants to be sure” that Mrs. Clinton would be able to see Andrew Liveris, the chief executive of Dow Chemical, at an event the next night. Dow Chemical has been one of the biggest donors to the Clinton Foundation, giving $1 million to $5 million, records show. Ms. Abedin arranged what she called “a pull-aside” for Mr. Liveris to speak with Mrs. Clinton in a private room after she arrived to give a speech, according to the emails, which did not explain the reason for the meeting. The person with knowledge of the issue said that this email chain also related to Mr. Clinton’s North Korea trip because Mr. Liveris had offered to let Mr. Clinton use his private plane.A separate batch of State Department documents released by Judicial Watch last month also revealed contacts between the State Department and Clinton Foundation donors. In one such exchange, Mr. Band sought to put a billionaire donor in touch with the department’s former ambassador to Lebanon.

How often are you offered the private jet of a Fortune 100 CEO? Apparently this is one of the perks of being “dead broke?”

How much evidence does the Department of Justice need? The article continues:

This exchange is reported in the same story detailing how Clinton Foundation officials requested that Abedin secure diplomatic passports for them, further underscoring the unseemly ambiguity about where public business ended and private interests began under Secretary of State Clinton. The Associated Press reported last week that more than half of private individuals who met privately with Hillary Clinton during a two year span of her tenure leading the State Department had contributed to the foundation.  In another revelation we highlighted in June, a separate wealthy Clinton Foundation donor lobbied for, and received, an appointment to a sensitive national security board for which critics say he was unqualified.  When this arrangement was made public, the man resigned his post.  Liberal journalist David Sirota has done a lot of work identifying and connecting the scatterplot of dots littering the intersection of money and influence, where the Clintons have operated and thrived for years.  He’s documented instances in which foundation donors have received large State Department-approved contracts and arms deals, and has written extensively about how there’s real fire beneath all of this thick smoke.  Government watchdogs have been sounding similar alarms.

It’s past time for the FBI to expand the net and start looking at the people surrounding Hillary Clinton. They should begin with crooked Bill Clinton, then Huma Abedin, and finally Cheryl Mills. For starters!




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