Black Americans for Trump

It takes guts to run for political office. However it take more guts to be a black American who doesn’t support the Democrats.

I have lost more “friends” over the election of Obama (the black fraud), than I can mention. I say good riddance.

Along with losing close friends and having some family members stop talking to me, there are the threats of violence.

“I’d like to punch you in the face.” Occasionally I get death threats–about one per month. Yes, they have dropped off, given Obama’s piss poor performance.

I remain undaunted. I stand for America, and no threats or intimidation of any kind will change my God-given ability to espouse my opinion.

When I see others like myself, I want to give them a larger audience. My biggest complaint about the Conservative movement is those in power don’t seem to want to create new leaders.

Well I do. I’m cultivating several young men and women. I want to have powerful Conservative voices all over America. It’s the only way we can be successful, as the Left has far too many ignorant, yet powerful mouthpieces.

I ran across this young man who started Black Americans for Trump. I hope you will visit his page and support his work. Follow Cory @LiveLifeCorAZy on twitter.

Blacks are waking up. The performance of Barack Obama combined with the revelations of the DNC and Hillary Clinton have created a Renaissance for blacks. Former Democrats recognize just how crooked their party is, and they have had enough.

We must embolden more youngsters and minorities to become evangelists.

The Democrats own pop culture, entertainment, sports, academia. So the only way for us to gain a foothold is to take advantage of their current implosion.

Help my team build these voices.

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