Black Cops Sue Obama and Other Liberals

More groups need to sue the Left. The Left destroys, and are rarely held accountable.

Because of the lack of accountability, the Left wreaks havoc, then pretend not to see the carnage. The police in Dallas apparently understand this concept and have decided to sue Obama, et al.

As Conservative Base reports,

The top executive of a Dallas, Texas, fraternal police group is suing a collection prominent individuals and an organization that advocates violence against cops for their alleged incitement to commit racial violence against police officers throughout the United States, according to a former prosecutor for the Department of Justice.

The Dallas Police Department’s Sergeant Demetrick Pennie, who serves as president of the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation (DFOF), on Friday filed an amended federal complaint against more than a dozen defendants — both institutions and individuals. Sgt. Pennie hopes to build a class action case representing police officers and other law enforcement officials of all races and ethnicities such as Jews, Christians and Caucasians” for inciting race riots and related violence aimed at police officers.

The goal of Pennie’s legal action is to obtain compensation for damages and the enforcement of a court-ordered injunction against alleged threats of racially-motivated violence going forward. “In other words, making violent threats against cops by the defendants in the lawsuit won’t be tolerated,” said former police detective Manny Rodriquez-Estavez.

Regardless of whether these officers get what they want, I applaud their bravery.

For more info on this story visit Conservative Base.


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