Black Liberals: Victims No More?

Have you noticed all the black Liberals who now claim that black America is doing great? Apparently the memo is out: blacks are victims no more.

For years I’ve heard black Liberals lament their condition. Ironically, the black Liberals victimize themselves, as they continually vote for their oppressors. However, when Donald Trump rightfully explained that compared to others, blacks suffer mightily, suddenly blacks are victims no more?

A tale of two parties.

When Democrats discuss blacks, they peg the “woe is me” factor. The very oppressors of blacks campaign on broken promises, and remind blacks of just how bad they have it. Generally speaking, nearby waits a Republican rube at the ready to step in and play scapegoat.

Trump fights differently. He asked a very simple question: “Why not give me a chance, since it really can’t get any worse!”

Trump’s declaration brought out the “token” black Liberals doing well under [insert any president here].

As Newsbusters noted,

CNN on Monday displayed the latest example of the double standard that, while liberals are known for recounting social problems that disproportionately hit America’s black population like poverty or shootings when they can promote liberal policy prescriptions like government spending or gun control, when conservatives raise these same issues with the promise of a conservative-based prescription, liberals react by finding nefarious motives or even deny that such substantial problems even exist.

On At This Hour with Berman and Bolduan, liberal CNN commentator Angela Rye spoke as if she were in denial of the economic and crime problems faced by much of the black population as she declared that “I’m not impoverished,” and oddly boasted that “several” of her friends are middle class and “doing well in this country.” She also declared that, referring to slavery, “we were barefoot on plantations building this country for free.”

Perhaps we should look at the stats:

Obama's black stats

Withe friends like Obama, black people don’t need enemies.

These stats are dismal, yet blacks continue their undying devotion to failure.

Success is measured differently, when graded on the color curve.

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