Black Lives Matter Farce: Meet the non-Black Troublemakers

The Black Lives Matter farce is alive and well.

The Black Lives Matter farce is more evident in the UK where a group of non-blacks have co-opted the movement. Names like Pettifer, Waldron, Baka, Lund-Harket, Fiennes, Collet-White, Tippet, Etchart and Francis-Grayson run the movement. Where is DeRay when Britain’s BLM movement needs him?!


According to The Daily Mail,

Mike Schwartz, defending, said: ‘They took their action in support of Black Lives Matter UK, in their view it’s a matter for white people to take responsibility in a society that privileges them through racism.’

‘They were protesting against the negative impact of the airport on the local community which are largely black and multi-ethnic.’

‘They want to highlight Britain’s contribution to climate change which is primarily felt by the global South and developing countries.’

‘Equally, there is inequality of freedom of movement which is to do with this airport in particular – city airport deals with city passengers on business.’

When District Judge Elizabeth Roscoe queried the connection between the protestors and Black Lives Matter, Mr Schwartz said: ‘They say that this is one whole issue and climate change disproportionately and unfairly affects black people and countries in the global South.’

So now Black Lives Matter is about climate change?

Leave it to bourgeois whites to find clever ways to explain oppression to black people.

The demonstrators disrupted flights for more than six hours with the stunt on 6 September after occupying the runway from 5.30am.

They filmed their protest on hand-held cameras and were uploading clips on to social media. The airport closed until about midday and 131 flights were either delayed or cancelled.

Visit here to see the entire group of BLM hijackers.


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