Shaun King: Black Lives Matter Leader Curious About Treatment of NYC Bomber

Black Lives Matter fraud, Shaun King expressed curiosity about the treatment of Ahmad Rahami.

Apparently Shaun King wanted the man shot. According to his article in The New York Daily News,

Rahami was suspected of planting a bomb that injured dozens of people. He shot two police officers. Yet, he was brought in alive.

Again, I’m glad. This is was first class police work and those officers put their lives on the line for us today. I tip my hat to them.

What I want to know is this: Can African-Americans all over the country get a little of that Ahmad Khan Rahami treatment?

King first congratulates the police for how they handled the situation. Then he laments the treatment of Rahami, and compares it to the plight of blacks.

I would like to assure King that the color or religion of Rahami played no part in their decision. If he shot at them, he’s lucky to be alive. The idea that the police won’t fire bullets back at whatever nationality, religion or otherwise fires at them is as ridiculous as the premise of Black Lives Matter.

In his article, King goes on the recount the anecdotal incidents where blacks were gunned down erroneously by cops. This remains the narrative he is paid to sell. He tells their tragic stories. The police should not be made to pay for the bad acts of a handful of people.

The stories King recites are the same people over and over. Yet King will never discuss slain officers, or the thousands of blacks killed at the hands of other blacks.

King is a one-trick pony, and likely won’t have the same job within 2 years.

I’m sure police officers in New York appreciate the “hat tip” that King gave them. They then read further, when King accused them of selective justice. Further still, the recount of a few of their failures.

Terence Crutcher, Amadou Diallo, and Sean Crawford all have tragic stories. Officers should be forced to pay. But what does this have to do with the capture of a terrorist? Shouldn’t King be happy that a bad man is off the streets?



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