BREAKING: Federal Building Evacuated Due to Suspicious Package

Tis the season for terror scares, as we have yet another. This one cause the Richard B. Russell Federal Building and Courthouse to be evacuated.

According to this report,

Employees are back to work after the Richard B. Russell Federal Building and Courthouse was given the all-clear after a suspicious package was found Monday morning.

The U.S. Marshals Service evacuated after the package, which turned out to be a backpack filled with old clothes, was spotted outside the building at 75 Spring Street, Officer Kim Jones told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Gretchen Fortin told Channel 2 Action News that an employee saw a backpack near a trash can at the entrance of the building.

The backpack and a tote bag were removed from the trash can by a robot and were X-rayed before being opened, according to The Associated Press. Authorities use bomb robots to scan areas for threats.

Streets in the area were blocked for about two hours.

One has to wonder if Muslim terrorists are testing the waters. When you consider the manpower necessary to track even one episode of terror, you get the idea of the real cost of terror.

  • Let’s recap the suspicious activity:
  • Marine  marathon bomb
  • MN terrorist stab eight mall shoppers
  • NYC Chelsea-area bomb
  • Suspicious package in Atlanta

All in a couple of days work.




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