BREAKING: NYC Muslim Bomber Ahmad Rahami Sued Police

Muslim Lives Matter. And don’t be surprised if Muslim lives matter more than black lives.

It seems that Ahmad Rahami sued the police for discrimination. If only he’d had a Congressional Muslim Caucus to back him up.

According to The Daily Mail,

The prime suspect in the New York and New Jersey bombings sued his local police force and claimed they were persecuting him for being a Muslim.

Ahmad Rahami said in a lawsuit that cops in Elizabeth, New Jersey subjected his and his family to discrimination and ‘selective enforcement’ based on their religion.

The family claimed that police tried to shut down their chicken restaurant, called First American, too early each night with ‘baseless’ tickets and summonses.

I find it funny when refugees come from other countries, and immediately begin to abuse the laws of America.

The article continues,

From April 2009 for two years they allege that they were unfairly targeted for staying open past 10pm despite being permitted to do so.

The lawsuit says that the police had a ‘reckless disregard and deliberate indifference for plaintiff’s constitutional rights of liberty, due process and equal protection’.

The Elizabeth police department allegedly ’embarked on a course to harass, humiliate, retaliate against and force their business to close at 10pm’.

The lawsuit claims that the officers told them there was ‘too much crime around here’ and that the area around the restaurant was ‘known for criminal activity’.

If these people were harassed, then there needed to be a remedy. What should bother all Americans is the fact that Ahmad Rahami decided to blow up innocent people.

This seems to be the way Muslims handle their issues. And yet, Liberals bring these terrorists in by the hundreds of thousands.

They argue that Americans against this “refugee resettlement” are xenophobes, which is obviously not the case. What we are phobic against are people who come here, and with little provocation decide to bomb innocent people.

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