BREAKING: Pipe Bomb Explodes at Marathon

A pipe bomb exploded at a charity race in New Jersey. The event was called the Semper Fi run, and the bomb detonated just over half a mile from the starting line.

Needless to say, the Boston Marathon bombing comes to mind, only this time nobody was hurt.

Given that the bombing was at a Marine charity race, terrorism is foremost in most people’s minds.

Moments before the marathon was to being, the bomb exploded. Someone had hidden a pipe bomb in a trash can.

Who knows what the bomber(s) wanted to accomplished, particularly since they discovered additional bombs. The bombs were cascaded, however the other bombs failed to detonate.

Police cleared the boardwalk, as well as the beaches for obvious reasons, and then cordoned off a four-block area.

Residents were put on notice, and ordered to stay indoors.

The area where the bombs were placed are where runners would have passed had the race not been delayed due to late signups.

Thankfully the bomb detonated after a “fun run” event for youngsters had just ended, which was around 9:35am.

Though nobody will admit it, speculation is that terrorists targeted military men and women, as well as their families.

I have written much on terror, and predicted that these types of attacks will grow in frequency. This particular story has gotten very little coverage, another of my predictions. Muslim terror attacks will one day be as prevalent as carjackings, and Americans will simply accept them as “part of life.” That is unless we do something about it.

You can bet that Obama will extend all resources to find the culprits. Just like he did in Benghazi.


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