Clinton Reverses: Releases Scrubbed State Department Schedule

Crooked Hillary Clinton capitulated; sort of. Clinton reversed her decision, and will now release her scrubbed State Department schedule.

The daily schedules drew attention last week after the AP reviewed the two years of schedules released so far, plus Clinton’s official calendars. AP determined a shocking development, considering the separation that was to occur between the State Department and The Clinton Foundation.

What AP found was more than half the people who Clinton met or spoke with — outside of members of the U.S. or foreign governments — had donated to the Clinton Foundation. The meetings were with people who had donate either personally or through companies or groups. Many people rightfully see these meetings as pay to play.

The Clinton campaign response has pivoted, as they hope to lessen the blow by showing Clinton had many more meetings. Their hope is to have people forget about the pay to play meetings. Difficult to do when the campaign will submit her scrubbed State Department schedule.

FOX News reports,

The State Department agreed Thursday to turn over all the planning schedules from Hillary Clinton’s time serving as secretary of state to The Associated Press by mid-October in an abrupt reversal from U.S. government lawyers’ warning last week that hundreds of pages would not be released until after the presidential election.

The decision will make available all of Clinton’s minute-by-minute schedules before the presidential election.

Those planning documents offer a detailed look at Clinton’s daily routine during her four-year tenure as secretary of state between 2009 and 2013.

Needless to say the optics on this looked pretty bad, when the State Department asked for a Dec 30 release date. Nice stab at transparency, right?!

Hillary Clinton: I have an idea. Let’s release the documents on New Year’s Eve!

Hillary Clinton’s evil plan was thwarted. If she’d had her way, she would be President-elect, and the emails discussion would have been lost in the noise of the arrival of the New Year.

Clinton’s campaign thought the “drip drip” approach would work. As has been reported, the State Department provided the AP some of the Democratic presidential nominee’s official calendars from her time at the department. However most of these calendars had been edited (why?) after her events.

Furthermore, in some cases, names of those who met with Clinton had been omitted.

Again, why? Did Hillary Clinton meet with criminals? She represented the people of the United States. Was she meeting with drug-dealers, pedophiles, and other heinous criminals. Yes, yes and yes. But it’s far worse.

Hillary Clinton met with The Clinton Foundation donors, some of the worst scoundrels on the planet. As the heavily redacted documents indicate, Hillary Clinton, et al clearly have something to hide.

The department has so far released about half of her more complete daily schedules. The new date for full release of the scrubbed State Department schedule is October 17.

Now the question is will they release Bill Clinton’s schedule? It would certainly be nice to peruse these schedules side by side for comparison.




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