CNN and Other Paid Media

In case you are delusional about the world you live in, allow me to provide some clarity.

Nothing is what it seems, when it comes to the media. The media create news. The paid media, that is.

If they want crooked Hillary Clinton to be considered above reproach, that service can be bought. If you want Obama to appear competent, there is a price.

Media is not what it claims to be, and is little more than an extension of a corrupt government. They shape public opinion, and it is NEVER to support the people.

How else could Liberalism flourish?

A former CNN reporter explained the “new” media, as reported by Patriot Viral Network:

In the video clip below [former CNN reporter] Amber (Lyon) explains that she found out Bahrain’s government paid CNN not to report on the violent incident. They country did not want it getting out that peaceful demonstrators were shot en masse. And that citizens reported they were brutally tortured by the regime and family members were abducted or disappeared.

CNN tried to keep Amber quiet, but she felt a moral obligation to the American people to expose the network and the Obama administration for their role.

Amber is now trying to get the real story out of what is going on in the liberal media. Corruption in the liberal media is never surprising, but it should always be acknowledged and remembered.

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