Colin Powell: Bill Clinton Womanizes

We all know that Bill Clinton womanizes, and he has never stopped. He’s done this his entire life, and Hillary Clinton knows about it.

More than that, Hillary Clinton helped her husband sexually harass women at best or sexually assault many at worst. This is so well known that even Colin Powell chimed in on it.

In one of the leaked emails from Colin Powell alleges that former president Bill Clinton continues his philandering.

The email in question was sent to Democratic donor Jeffrey Leads on July 26, 2014:


This is one email we didn’t need Guccifer or WikiLeaks to confirm for us.

The real issue surrounding this is how the Clintons continue to get away with these things. It’s clear why the Clinton attempt to maintain such a high level of secrecy.

And what about Powell’s comments about Hillary? Unbridled ambition, greedy, and not transformational? That pretty much describes Hillary Clinton to the buttons.

The notion that she has a huband “still dicking bimbos at home” speaks to Hillary Clinton’s nonchalance with Bill Clinton. Just don’t let it leak out, and I’m fine.

How Powell described Hillary Clinton is what most Liberals think of her. They won’t say it publicly, but if we got their emails, they would read the same. Powell describes the very reason Hillary Clinton doesn’t resonate with the public, and won’t be the next president of the United States. Thankfully.

Powell has not disavowed the emails. There is a part of me that believes Powell is happy these are out there. He sees this as a bit of payback for Hillary Clinton dragging his reputation in there with hers.

Who knows what the next drip will be. Nevertheless, let the drip drip of Guccifer and WikiLeaks continue. What is happening here is good for the Republic. As we await the October surprise, something tells me it may not even be necessary.



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