Democrats Paying For Dirt on Donald Trump

In order to counter the REAL dirt we have on Hillary “Rotten” Clinton, Democrats are paying for dirt on Donald Trump.

Trump supposedly has given the Democrats enough fodder for five elections, yet ironically they find themselves putting a bounty out for more dirt. This call for dirt on Trump is interesting, given the current charges leveled against him.

Isn’t Trump racist, sexist, xenophobic, and Islamophobic to name a few. Perhaps there just wasn’t enough evidence to back up those claims?

As NBC reported,

Hillary Clinton ally David Brock wants your Donald Trump dirt, and he’s willing to pay top dollar for it.

Correct the Record, one of the well-funded super PACs Brock founded, is creating a WikiLeaks-style project to pay anonymous tipsters for scoops, which they’re calling Trump Leaks.

While the effort is focused on uncovering previously unreleased audio and video recordings, Brock is interested in just about anything on Trump — as long as it’s new, unflattering and procured legally.

“We’re chasing everything,” Brock told NBC News. That could be internal documents about Trump’s business empire, his tax returns or perhaps something more personal.

Correct the Record, which is allowed to directly coordinate with the Clinton campaign, has set no financial cap on what they’re willing to pay.

Democrats show their desperation daily. Is there ANYBODY out there who will claim Donald Trump tried to rape them? Perhaps there is some black man or woman willing to step forward and admit that Trump is a RACIST!?

I can see the Craigslist ad now?

You know Trump raped you. Contact us now, and get your $5,000 reward for admitting it. Send pictures of yourself and our Photoshop experts will do the rest.

I guess when your candidate needs brain surgery, you have no choice but to look for the dirt.



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