DNC to BLM: Don’t Offer Support

Taking a page from LBJ’s, [pp] “Give ’em just enough to get by, but not enough to get ahead,” the DNC appears to placate Black Lives Matter. As the memo says, “Don’t offer support.”

Democrats know that Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization that has no real case. But that won’t stop the DNC from training “pit bull” BLM, as attack dogs. Don’t offer support,  except when they need black people to “burn this mutha down!”

BLM will remain on a leash and at arm’s length from the Democrats, and not because the Dems don’t want to co-opt the movement. The Dems want to keep their hands clean, just in case the movement gets seriously dirty.

Check out this leaked memo, and you know exactly where BLM stands.

DNC memo about BLM

Democrats yet again showcase their abject racism, as they connive to meet with BLM only in small groups.

Democrats recommend this, because they know their attack dogs will bite the hand that feeds it.

The very idea that in a time of a black president, and the second black attorney general BLM would even exist is ridiculous.

Interestingly, Democrats say that this movement was born of George Zimmerman, which is false. This movement was birthed by thug Michael Brown, Jr, and built on false information, and continued false narratives.

Perhaps the most interesting part for me is the “lead from behind.” Liberals are good at that. Unfortunately it rarely works out for those in front.

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