Entitlement Mentality: Play X-Box Setup on Train

I’m not sure how addicted to video games you have to be to bring your X-Box setup on the train. And then to play.

If you must commute with your X-Box setup, you might have a video game problem.

As I watched the video of this, I made a few observations.

First, he has a lot of luggage. Is he a transient, perhaps just moving from one location to another?

Next, he’s taking up a lot of space with all his gear. Not that the train was loaded with passengers. However, what if it had been? Where was he expecting to put all his gear, and more specifically, his X-Box setup?

Finally, to each his own with respect to health and fitness. However, old boy doesn’t look like he’s ever seen the inside of a weight room. Perhaps his gym should offer X-Box hook up? Surely ObamaCare would cover that!

This young man represents the “new” America. For me he showcases the pansy-ass Millennials that we discuss quite often. The people we are told we should reach.

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