Feeble Hillary Helped Up Two Steps at Temple University

Hillary Clinton once again reaches out to Millennials. They obviously missed her the first time.

You’d think she would have her lap dog, Bernie Sanders appealing to Millennials, but he’s too busy enjoying his new mansion, and $80,000 Audi A8.

Despite Temple student body consisting of over 32,000 students, only a handful showed up to see and hear Clinton. Those who got there early enough to fight the crowd {snark} were treated to Hillary Clinton getting helped up the massive two steps onto the stage.

Hillary Clinton helped up stairs Why would a healthy Hillary Clinton need to be “steadied” to get up two steps?

We know the answer. The woman is ill, and the Left thinks they can keep it a secret.

There are 50 days remaining in the campaign. The stretch run is the most taxing, and Hillary Clinton will crack.

Ask yourself if Donald Trump would be in the news if he needed help getting up TWO steps. The Left would criticize Trump if he stopped 100 yards short of reaching the summit of Mount Everest…without oxygen.

“Trump falters at the foot of Everest, gasping for air. Unfit!”

Hillary Clinton is unfit to be president in any way, certainly morally. But the complicit Left will continue with the ruse, until the truth is too overwhelming.

Know that the Democrats have a Plan B. It likely involves Hillary’s Kaine!

By the way, look at the faces of the people watching Clinton. The students have their cell phones out, and record the incident. Yet, you would be hard-pressed to find anything on this.


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