Haiti’s Sansaricq: Clintons Tried to Bribe Me

In what would be a shock to no one except the Clinton-adoring brain-dead Leftist, the Clintons tried to bribe him the former Senate president of Haiti, Bernard Sansaricq.

Sansaricq’s dream was to do for Haiti what he had witnessed in the United States. He admired America, so much so, he became a citizen.

However before that, in February of 1994 he was elected president of the Senate of Haiti, Sansaricq declared,

“Clinton wanted to buy me out.”

“To try to appease me he sent me Bill Richardson, who was actually a Congressman at that time.”

He spent 4 hours discussing Haiti with Bill Richardson, where Sansaricq informed Richardson that returning Aristide to power was a bad idea. He sent that message back to President Clinton.

A week later Clinton dispatched a messenger who said,

“Side with President Clinton, and this invasion will make you the richest man in Haiti.”

Sansaricq refused. He said that Clinton immediately revoked his visa, as he was a resident of the United States. He is now a citizen.

He goes on to say the Clintons started a company called Fusion International. Without giving details, Sansariqc says the organization morphed into DigiCell, and Clinton friend Dennis O’Brien run it. Moreover, O’Brien has given million of dollars to The Clinton Foundation.

According to Sansaricq, American taxpayers and the whole world have donated billions of dollars for the Haitians after the earthquakes. Yet, not even 2 percent went back to Haiti.

As I have written recently, Haiti is little more than a Clinton financial playground. The Clintons should be arrested, and their crooked foundation exposed as the fraud that it is.

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