Graphic: Chicago Rapper Shot While Filming BLM Music Video

A rapper who calls himself King Yella was filming a Black Lives Matter video when he found out that his black life didn’t matter.

In the midst of filming multiple gunshots were fired at him and others involved in the filming.

The irony of this would be comical, if lives weren’t at stake.

King Yella’s life-changing moment came at the hands of other blacks. Shot twice as he made a statement about cops killing blacks.

King Yella wrote in his own Instagram post of the footage.

“Video shoot gone wrong me gettin shot caught on camera while shootin my stop the violence blacklivesmatter video.”

Apparently the black person who shot King Yella didn’t get the memo. Or was it cops who did the deed?

Perhaps gang members in Chicago should have body cams? Maybe Rahm Emanuel will set up a citizen’s council for black thugs.

King Yella lived, and that’s a miracle. Yella was hit with one bullet that went in and out of his left arm. Another shot grazed his side. In the street, these wounds garner “street cred.” We may never know.

Yella actually drove himself to the hospital. While at the hospital, the rapper assured fans that he was okay. Needless to say, he express disappointment over the whole situation.

“I’m out here doing a Black Lives Matter video shoot and got shot…Tryna stop the violence and niggas still wanna be on that.”


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